Tipos em Trânsito

Graphic design and academic research for post-graduation's final paper in Typography by Senac São Paulo. About the design: Inspired by the aesthetics of Brazilian vehicle identification plates, the graphic project constantly explores the relationship between the colors black and yellow – so striking in the Brazilian automobiles’ history – and propose to the reader an industrial and mechanical atmosphere with the application of typefaces related with car plates and signage. Each chapter opening is dedicated to extolling a character by its size on the page, evidencing its drawings - like a fragment of a car’s license plate. About the research: This project aims at contributing references for the selection and design of a typeface for vehicle registration plates in Brazil. It took into account different aspects of the production process to ensure optimum morphological characteristics for this kind application. It also approaches the issues of legibility and character recognition by both the human eye and electronic devices. Other typefaces have been analysed as references for discussion on optical adjustments, counter and aperture forms, letter spacing and style. Sorry, only portuguese. Special thanks to my friend Christopher Chefel for the beautiful photos.

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