Newspaper O Contraste

The newspaper "O Contraste" [The Contrast in english] bears this name as reference for the tensions of views and arguments in the journalistic world. Its symbol, the letter 'O', is a graphical representation of an eye, which is provided by using the typography Caslon Graphique by Eyewere Fonts, which is also used in the newspaper's logo, for having striking contrasts and low x-height which allows more horizontality in applying the logo. The newspaper is divided into 5 columns, where the first is completely occupied in its width by the logo vertically, up to half of paper, allowing strong recognition. The cover has the concept of an framework on the people's eyes in photos who are headline. This concept refers to the newspaper symbol, the eye. Basically in black and green emerald to highlight certain things, the journal makes use of typography Meta by Font Font, which is used to headlines and smaller titles because it's slightly condensed providing a good number of words in a column. Also, it is a sans serif that contrasts with the text written in the typography Chronicle, by Hoefler & Co., which is applied for having striking serifs and also because it fits easily in small blocks of text.

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